St James Lutheran Kindergarten has been offering quality early childhood education to families in the Redlands since 1973. At St James our role has been to ensure that children cultivate a lifelong love of learning. This means reaching their potential when they leave our service and being prepared for school and later life.

There has been extensive upgrades to the outdoor and indoor environments in recent years, and our emphasis remains the same, in providing high quality standards that surpass guidelines regarding the National Quality Framework, where we were awarded an overall rating of exceeding. To achieve this standard, we uphold our philosophy; that together we gather as a community of learners– children that are unique individuals, yet learning together from each other, need to co-operate and develop respect for self and others. This also emphasises the co-operative nature of teaching and learning, and believing that each child possesses great potential.

We are committed to providing your child a safe and secure environment with a program that nurtures and stimulates curiosity and wonder. It is a learning environment where the teacher is listening, observing and documenting children’s work, while provoking and stimulating thinking through collaboration with peers. Each classroom is busy with children working on various ideas, working independently and in groups with the support and encouragement of their teachers. Children are empowered to think and create through language, arts, music, drama, movement and technology.

Enhancing our teaching is the value we place on catering to the whole child through fostering meaningful relationships with parents, nurturing Christian beliefs and embracing diversity. This play based educational environment aims to provide a solid foundation that values teamwork to empower children’s success.

4The staff, a 4 year qualified university trained teacher and a teacher’s assistant, work towards an educational program that is based on best practice and current theories to promote our exceeding rating. They are also engaged in creating an environment that meets the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, but is also rich in provocations, challenging, values ICT and is based upon children’s ideas.

The culmination of these standards ensures that the whole child and their family is embraced in the foundation of a child’s learning journey, providing school readiness and skills for later life.



St James Kindergarten operates during state school terms.  Unit’s 1 and 2 attend Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays from 8.30am – 2.30pm.
Units 3 and 4 attend alternate Wednesdays, Thursday and Friday from 8.30am – 2.30pm.  

Offers of placement for the following school year are usually mailed to parents in the weeks following the June/July school holidays.  These are offered over a series of rounds.  Positions are also offered to parents on the waitlist as they become available during the school year.  This can happen as family circumstances change.

For further information regarding our Kindergarten fee schedule click here.


What our families are saying about us

My little Miss has attended St James Lutheran Child Care Centre since she was one year old and next year she is off to Prep. We both have enjoyed the St James experience, finding all staff from the office staff through to the Co-ordinator very friendly, approachable and informative.

I feel comfortable that my little Miss is always getting the best care and the teachers seem to genuinely love the little people they care for each and everyday. I get progress reports each afternoon about what happened during the day not just in written form  but the teachers are always up for a chat and my little Miss and I will surely miss their friendship next year when she goes to Prep.

I could go on for days about this wonderful centre and I highly recommend it to anyone I meet with children or grandchildren looking for a care.- Tenneal Sinn


Selecting a Day Care for my son was really difficult. Like every other parent, I want the absolute best for my son. However, unlike the majority of parents, I go a bit over the top :) We looked at almost every Day Care between Logan and Wellington Point, which included multiple visits to the ones we liked. Not one even came close to St James. St James provides everything we were looking for. Caring, intelligent and nurturing staff, wonderful facilities, a strong sense of community and a personalised interest in my son with updates on his progress every week. My son loves attending St James and talks non stop about Miss Kathleen and Miss Zoe. I'm so grateful to have found St James! - Zeenet Scarborough


As parents, we entrust our greatest blessing to the staff at St James Lutheran Child Care. We have 4 children who have attended the centre and loved it very much.  Our youngest daughter attends one day a week at the moment and enjoys every moment of her time there. She cannot wait to go to “Kindy” each Thursday and play with her friends.  We are grateful for the loving care and guidance our children have all received from the staff. Lily, currently attends the centre and especially loves Miss Di who has been a constant at the centre for many many years. Di has been a teacher to all our children and they have all loved her. The teachers and director look at each child as individuals, with their own strengths and needs. “Our children have been blessed with awesome teachers”. Our children have learned so much and continue to share with us the great activities that go on each day at "Kindy!" Thank you to the staff at St James for an incredible early childhood program that engages and teaches throughout the whole day. We absolutely love the “What the Possums did today email”. We look forward to the photos and story of what the children did each day. What a wonderful idea - Michael and Wendy McMahon